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The 5G-ACIA management team comprises three main groups:
The 5G-ACIA Board – led by the General Chair and General Vice-Chair, Working groups – led by Working Group Chairs and Vice-Chairs, The 5G-ACIA Office – led by the Secretary

organization chart of 5G-ACIA in 2022
The 5G-ACIA Board is composed of a certain number of high-level representatives from the member organizations. They discuss 5G-ACIA’s work strategy, decide in case of disputes, and advise 5G-ACIA’s organizational bodies. The Board meets on a regular basis. Members are as of June 2020:

Dr. Andreas Müller

General Chair

Dr. Afif Osseiran

General Vice-Chair

Markus Wucher

Dr. Rene Hummen

Josef Eichinger

Uwe Rüddenklau

Dr. Ingolf Karls

Andreas Pfaff

Dr. David T Chen

Dr. Omar Elloumi

Takehiro Nakamura

Benedikt Rauscher

Frank Hakemeyer

Dr. Josef Blanz

Katrin Kunz

Dr. Christian Bauer

Sylvia Lu

Dr. Valerie Feldmann

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Tuchs

The 5G-ACIA Plenary is constituted by representatives of the member companies. They meet every 2-3 months to discuss and decide on the ongoing work and new work items.

The 5G-ACIA General Assembly meets once a year. Among other responsibilities, it elects the 5G-ACIA Chair, the 5G-ACIA Deputy Chair, the 5G-ACIA Board, and the Chairs of the Working Groups. In addition, it approves the 5G-ACIA budget.

5G-ACIA is chaired by:

General Chair: Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch)

General Vice Chair: Dr. Afif Osseiran (Ericsson)

The 5G-ACIA Office supports 5G-ACIA in the day-to-day operations, such as office coordination, committee work, marketing and social media, press relations, fairs, meetings and events, member management, budget and accounting, IT infrastructure.

portrait of Alexander Bentkus, 5G-ACIA Secretary

Alexander Bentkus

5G-ACIA Secretary

portrait of Jacky Mou, Senior Project Manager at 5G-ACIA

Jacky Mou

Senior Project Manager

portrait of Arndt Zimmermann, Exhibition Project Manager at 5G-ACIA

Arndt Zimmermann

Exhibition Project Manager

Stefanie Lichte


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Working groups

Various work items and essential topics are dealt here based on the planning and decicions of the Plenary.

Legal entity of 5G ACIA

5G-ACIA is a working group of ZVEI.

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with allied partners from around the world.

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