Generalizing Industrial 5G for industry

The overriding objective of 5G-ACIA is to maximize the applicability of 5G technology in connected industries, in particular the manufacturing and process sectors. 5G-ACIA works to ensure that 5G standardization and regulation efforts adequately consider the interests and unique characteristics of the industrial domain.

What is 5G-ACIA’s mission?

5G-ACIA also strives to ensure that new 5G developments – including possible integration concepts and migration paths – are understood by and transferred to the industrial domain, and also evaluates key technologies emerging from 5G standardization bodies.

In addition, 5G-ACIA is striving to establish a common language and shared understanding of relevant aspects by embracing the entire ecosystem. Industry-specific needs are also discussed and elaborated, including the possible need for dedicated certification and similar processes. 5G-ACIA also identifies and articulates specific spectrum requirements of industrial 5G networks and explores new operating models, like for private or neutral host 5G networks within a plant or factory.

Strategic goals

  • 5G-ACIA represents the world-leading alliance for 5G in the industrial domain and is widely recognized as such.
  • 5G-related (incl. 5G evolution) SDOs adequately address the requirements of industrial use cases & applications.
  • The OT industries understand how to optimally make use of 5G.
  • Key 5G capabilities for industrial applications have been evaluated and validated in realistic scenarios.
  • A healthy ecosystem of industrial 5G devices and infrastructure components is available.
  • Non-technical challenges have been identified and possible solutions have been worked out.
  • Adequate market forecasts and assessments have been worked out.
  • Actual spectrum needs for different use cases and applications have been analyzed and understood.
  • Industrial 5G edge compute use cases, architectures, and deployment models have been identified and evaluated.

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5G-ACIA is driven and operated by Board, Working Groups and 5G-ACIA Office.

Legal entity of 5G ACIA

5G-ACIA is a working group of ZVEI.

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with allied partners from around the world.

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