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The hosting organisation of 5G-ACIA

In 2016 – prior to the foundation of 5G-ACIA – a number of global leaders in automation technology joined forces within the scope of the ZVEI 5G Taskforce in order to influence the global development of 5G.

ZVEI e. V. (Electro and Digital Industry Association) is one of Germany’s most important industrial associations, representing the interests of multiple high-tech companies who collectively possess a highly diversified and extremely dynamic product portfolio. ZVEI acts as a pacemaker for progress, proactively making proposals related to research, technology, environmental, educational and science policy. It promotes market-centric international standardization efforts, and offers a proven platform infrastructure for this work.

5G ACIA, upon its establishment, was able to take advantage of this platform. Moreover, a working party was formed to allow worldwide cooperation with non-ZVEI members.

As a result, the global 5G industry benefits from ZVEI’s domain expertise in the field of automation, security, artificial intelligence and its Industry 4.0 knowledge, developed over the last years.

In addition, for both the automation sector and the 5G industry generally, ZVEI is the legal entity for 5G-ACIA, with responsibility for enabling all participating companies to engage in pre-competitive exchange and collaboration in compliance with EU competition law.

The ZVEI hosts the 5G-ACIA Office containing all needed resources.

ZVEI – Electro and Digital Industry Association

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About us

5G-ACIA unites vital stakeholders to drive Industrial 5G in 5G standardization and regulation for the industrial domain.


5G-ACIA ensures that the interests and particular aspects of the industrial domain are adequately considered in 5G standardization and regulation.


5G-ACIA is driven and operated by Board, Working Groups and 5G-ACIA Office.

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