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5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation

To make 5G a success for industrial applications, 5G-ACIA brings together widely varying 5G stakeholders.
They include organizations of the OT and ICT industries. “OT” stands for operational technology. OT companies include industrial automation enterprises, machine builders, and end users. “ICT” stands for information and communication technology. ICT companies can be chip manufacturers, network infrastructure providers, or mobile network operators. The 5G-ACIA membership also includes academic institutions such as universities and research institutes, as well as other relevant entities such as government bodies and associations.

What is the goal of

5G-ACIA’s overall goal is to apply industrial 5G in the best possible way. Members jointly strive to make sure that the particular interests of the industrial domain are adequately considered in 5G standardization and regulation. Together, they discuss and evaluate technical, regulatory, and business aspects with respect to 5G for the industrial domain.

How can 5G be integrated?

To make industrial 5G a success, it is crucial to transfer the ongoing 5G developments into the industrial domain. Therefore, 5G-ACIA elaborates integration concepts and migration paths, and evaluates the key technologies that emerge from the 5G standardization bodies. Furthermore, 5G-ACIA identifies spectrum needs for industrial 5G networks. Members jointly explore new operating models, for instance 5G campus networks within factories.

A new understanding between different industries

To make 5G a success for industrial applications, 5G-ACIA brings together very different 5G stakeholders. That is organizations from the OT and from the ICT industries.

“OT” means operational technology.
“ICT” means information and communication technology.

OT companies are, for instance, industrial automation enterprises, machine builders or end users. ICT companies can be chip manufacturers, network infrastructure providers or mobile network operators. In addition, 5G-ACIA members are academic institutions, such as universities or research institutes, and other relevant groups, such as authorities and associations.

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5G-ACIA is driven and operated by Board, Working Groups and 5G-ACIA Office.

Working groups

Various work items and essential topics are dealt here based on the planning and decicions of the Plenary.

Global partners

5G-ACIA is a global association and central forum with allied partners from around the world.

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