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Join and get insights about Industrial 5G with 5G-ACIA endorsed testbeds and dedicated use cases.

The 3rd 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series focuses on testing of Industrial 5G. The first Web Seminar will give an overview on 5G-ACIA’s perspective on testing and explains what 5G-ACIA’s testbed endorsement is all about.

In this context, testing types as selected in the White Paper (Selected Testing and Validation Considerations for Industrial Communication with 5G Technologies) are discussed taking a closer look at performance testing as presented in White Paper (Performance Testing of 5G Systems for Industrial Automation) and certification in 5G-ACIA.

The following Web Seminar sessions are dedicated to the 5G-ACIA endorsed testbeds. Following the call for 5G testbeds from Autumn 2020, fourteen 5G-ACIA members and two non-5G-ACIA members collaborated creating seven unique testbeds up to now. Testbed members will present their use case, their 5G solution and – if the testbed is already mature – first results.

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Session 1

Jan 12th 2022 | 09:00 -10:00 CET

Testing in 5G-ACIA – An Overview

Dr.-Ing. Lisa Underberg (ifak)

The 3rd 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series starts off discussing 5G-ACIA’s perspective on testing of 5G and explains what 5G-ACIA’s testbed endorsement is all about. Early on in its work, 5G-ACIA created a White Paper (Selected Testing and Validation Considerations for Industrial Communication with 5G Technologies) summarizing aspects of 5G testing in industrial applications. Here, testing types were identified, from which the Web Seminar takes a closer look at performance testing (Performance Testing of 5G Systems for Industrial Automation). Also, 5G-ACIA’s view on certification is presented. Putting their testing considerations to practice, 5G-ACIA endorses testbeds since early 2021 aiming to accelerate the adoption of 5G in industrial applications. In the Web Seminar, it is explained which criteria are applied and how 5G-ACIA selects its testbeds. 


Session 2

Jan 26th 2022 | 09:00 -10:00 CET

5G-enhanced semiconductor factory automation at Bosch – latest status of the 5G-SMART testbed

Dr. Leefke Grosjean (Ericsson), Dr. Davit Harutyunyan (Bosch)

In this webinar we will present the latest status of the 5G-SMART testbed that is located inside Bosch’s semiconductor factory in Reutlingen. We will explain the ongoing work on validating and evaluating 5G on the factory floor, highlighting also first results and learnings. Two representative use cases that nowadays can be found in many factories will be outlined: (1) a Cloud-based mobile robotics use case and (2) a TSN/Industrial LAN over 5G use case. On top of that, we will describe the 5G deployability tests performed inside the cleanroom.

5G-Based Smart Manufacturing and Industrial AI Services – validation and performance results

Josef Eichinger (Huawei), Georgios Avramidis (Huawei)

Huawei’s innovative testbed for both validation and performance measurement of diverse use-cases including “connected AGVs with AI machine vision cloud processing for quality control” and “predictive maintenance with wireless connected monitoring”. Hosted in Huawei’s OpenLab facilities in Munich, it utilizes a 5G stand-alone network in order to emulate real 5G NPN conditions and be future proof for next 3GPP releases. With this testbed Huawei is bringing 5G enabled AI capabilities within GAIA-X project and creates the environment for 5G Ecosystem expansion with an open-call to industry players to join.


Session 3

Feb 9th 2022 | 15:00 -16:00 CET

Industrial Robotics fueled by 5G: the 5G-SMART Testbed in Kista

Dr. Ognjen Dobrijevic (ABB), Peter de Bruin (Ericsson)

Wireless connectivity is paving way for future manufacturing, in which production flexibility is boosted, the number of mobile assets is increased, and new ways of human workers interacting with industrial robots are enabled. The incentives for off-loading robot control to edge platforms, coupled with requirements on high-reliability and bounded-latency communication, make 5G a leading candidate. In this webinar we present use cases developed for the 5G-SMART Testbed at the Ericsson Kista Smart Factory. The use cases combine human-robot interaction, robot collaboration, and machine vision with 5G and edge computing. Insights from the work will be provided, including expected 5G benefits.

5G-Industry Campus Europe – Research Infrastructure for 5G in Production

Niels König (Fraunhofer IPT), Bart Mellaerts (Ericsson)

The 5G-Industry Campus Europe is one of the 5G model regions of the German government and Europe’s largest industrial testbed for 5G in production. In the 5G-ACIA endorsed testbed we are investigating different solutions for process monitoring in manufacturing.

The webinar will introduce the 5G infrastructure followed by explanation and live demonstration of 5G use cases with different wireless sensors. With the help of the solutions introduced in the webinar, industrial users are able to have greater flexibility and control over their manufacturing processes.


Session 4

Mar 9th 2022 | 15:00 -16:00 CET

Deterministic 5G URLLC for Industrial Automation Testbed (DURST) 

Dr. Ing. Marius Corici (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

As we had the chance to have under controllable conditions a complete and fully equipped factory shopfloor, the test factory at Fraunhofer IPK and a comprehensive 5G network based on Huawei RAN equipment and Fraunhofer FOKUS Open5GCore, we have done a set of comprehensive measurements using an automatically guided AGV. This presentation reports on these measurements and the further recommendations for an ultra-reliable and low latency network.

5G SA Open RAN Testbed for communication and Localization, Challenges and opportunities 

Ralph Duemmler (Fraunhofer IIS)

Overview of the planning, implementation and first testing in our 5G SA OpenRan based Campus network. Many Challenges were based on the Open Ran based architecture but we overcome most of them. We are now in the phase of first real testing and will show some base results and figures for performance and stability. Main focus currently is communication, localization will follow Q1 and Q2 2022. Finally a brief outlook on what more is to come in our testbed as well as active projects together with partners/customers.

5G for Material Handling in Manufacturing     

Lutz Rauchhaupt (ifak)   

The presented testbed in the DEMAG Research Factory consists of a 5G campus network provided by Nokia and intralogistics equipment like overhead-travelling-cranes, hoists, and AGVs. The testbed comprises two parts that can be used independently or in combination. One part comprises the demonstrator consisting of the 5G system and machinery for intra-logistics and manufacturing. The second part is added to the testbed for dedicated testing sessions. It consists of measurement and testing equipment provided by R&S and ifak that is used to specifically generate application traffic in order to assess radio frequency parameters and to evaluate performance and dependability from an application perspective.  



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