5G-ACIA – the leading international organization for driving and shaping 5G in connected industries – is excited to invite you to its first “Industrial 5G Day” in Japan. on May 11, 2023

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is undergoing a transformation based on technologies such as machine learning, digital twin, XR, and collaborative robots that will enable benefits such as flexible manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and higher efficiencies in general. 5G will take this trans-formation to the next level towards a wireless factory of the future. Already today, we see a significant pickup of 5G technology in Industrial IoT: Demos, Trials, large-scale evaluation, private 5G networks, integration of 5G in industrial devices, commercial products all around Industrial 5G.

5G-ACIA is delighted to invite you to attend its Industrial 5G Day in Tokyo, Japan, to get first-hand insightful information about the path towards Industrial 5G. The Industrial 5G Day will be accompanied by a set of demos and show cases on how to use 5G for industrial use cases and in cooperation with the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Promotion Forum (5GMF).

The program of the Industrial 5G Day will be tailored for experts & decision-makers from:

  • Potential users of Industrial 5G, OT equipment and network vendors
  • Companies building and/or operating 5G networks for the industry
  • Vendors for industrial equipment interested in evaluating the integration of 5G
  • Vendors offering industry automation and communication solutions
  • Players in adjacent ecosystems

The following aspects regarding the evolution of commercially viable Industrial 5G will be covered:

  • State of play of Industrial 5G
  • Industrial 5G proof of concepts, trials, evaluation, early deployments
  • Where 5G is already being used and tested in industry today
  • Accomplishments of 5G-ACIA, value for members
  • What are the next steps for Industrial 5G
  • Future enablers to strengthen this emerging market

Please find below flyers in English and Japanese with more details. Feel free to share as you see fit. We would be pleased to welcome you in Tokyo ! 


Please register online until April 26, 2023

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